The GIFT Class

When the Unexpected Happens…

Do you know what legal forms you should have?

Have you had a discussion with your family about what you want?

Can someone you trust find key papers in 10 minutes?

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65% of Americans are likely to experience a crisis in the next 5 years.

50% do not have an emergency plan in place.

An emergency plan will act as a guideline that helps you and your family handle the unexpected. The GIFT™ can help you create your plan.

Gathering Information for Transitions (The GIFT) is an interactive workshop exclusively from VillagesOKC. During this, we talk through difficult questions, learn about your options, and write solutions for the “What Ifs” in the future.

Creating your plan with The GIFT™

The GIFT™ takes place over four weekly, 1.5-hour sessions. In these, a facilitator will guide you through the 12 key areas most impacted by a move, crisis, or transition. We also teach time-saving techniques that provide rapid access to key information when needed.

During the sessions, you will meet with a safe and confidential small group. These spaces encourage interaction, allowing each participant to develop a sense of community.

Our professionals help participants document their personal, legal, medical, financial, real estate, passwords, personal preferences, emergency contact, and crisis plans. We encourage you to discuss your plan with your family.

You will receive our exclusive binder to organize your plan. After the workshop, a fillable document is available on a USB drive for easy accessibility and storage. As information changes, just update the document on your computer and print out a new page for your book!

Anyone is welcome to sign up for the sessions. The total price for the workshop is $199. If you are part of VillagesOKC, The GIFT™ workshop is included in your membership! Members can also purchase an additional or new book for $30.

Why should I take The GIFT™?


The GIFT was an eye-opener because we thought we had covered all the things our kids would need to access if we died or were incapacitated. We had a trust, but taking The GIFT forced me to think about the details not included in the living trust.

The GIFT made me consider the decisions that would need to be made if my husband or I were incapacitated.

– Kay R.

The information covered concisely in The GIFT workshops encouraged me to have strategic conversations with my spouse, which led to even more strategic conversations and education related to future retirement planning. The information has been critical to our life planning as we look to our future together.

My husband recently faced a major surgery and was able to face it with greater peace of mind… I believe that the tagline for The GIFT should be “Greater Peace of Mind” because that is what is achieved…

– Delilah M.

We loved The GIFT. We thought we had a pretty good handle on everything we needed. The class opened our eyes to all the items we had not even thought about.

A wonderful GIFT to give our children.

– Kathy O.