Forms Workshop

When you can’t make your own decisions…

Who will?

What treatment do you want?

Is the paperwork in place?

A representative can ensure your needs are met.

To make sure this happens, you must have the proper legal documentation in place.

The Healthcare Forms Workshop by VillagesOKC guides you through completing three legal health documents: HIPAA, Advance Directive, and Healthcare Power of Attorney.

If you cannot direct your own healthcare, these forms allow your representative to act on your behalf – making sure you are cared for in the way you want.

Your workshop includes:

HIPAA form

One 90-minute session

Healthcare Power of Attorney form

Local attorney to explain each item

Advance Directive (Living Will) form

Notary service

Healthcare Forms Workshop FAQs:

Do I have to be a VillagesOKC member to participate in the workshop?

Anyone can participate in the Healthcare Forms Workshop because any adult (18+) in any season of life can benefit from planning ahead. Attendance is free for VillagesOKC members and $30 for others.

What forms are included in the Healthcare Forms Workshop?

We provide the Healthcare Power of Attorney and Advance Directive (Living Will) forms created by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. The HIPAA form was drafted by a local attorney.