Do I have to be a VillagesOKC member to participate in The GIFT™?

Anyone can participate in The GIFT™ workshop because any adult in any season of life can benefit from planning ahead. Attendance is free for VillagesOKC members and $199 for others.

What topics do you cover in the workshop?

The GIFT™ workshop covers personal, legal, medical, financial, real estate, passwords, personal preferences, contacts, and end-of-life planning.

Is there an online version of the binder?

After completing the 4 sessions, you will receive a fillable PDF document on a USB drive. You can save your information digitally for your own use. It’s so easy to reprint pages to update your binder!

What is a guest professional?

Different local professionals are invited to each session of The GIFT™. They provide experience, answer questions, and are a resource for participants to call if they choose. Examples would be estate attorneys, realtors, retirement community directors, insurance specialists, hospice nurses, financial advisors, and funeral directors.

I’m out of state. Can I buy the workbook and USB drive?

You can purchase the workbook and USB drive for $225, plus shipping and handling. We encourage you to participate in our Zoom workshops to get the full impact of guest professionals and group interaction.

The GIFT Workshop Sign

This would be a great program at my church. How do I get the workshop at my location?

Call our office! We’d love to create a workshop for YOUR group.

If my spouse and I both want to attend, do we pay for 2 workshops?

Adults in the same household can share one binder or purchase an additional binder for $30. It is not necessary to pay the fee twice.

Contact us to learn more about The GIFT™.