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Life-long learning, planning, and serving can help you age with purpose and vitality! At VillagesOKC, we strive to support you through our specialized information and resources as you age interdependently.

You can find some of our most helpful resources below. If you have any questions, please reach out – we are happy to help you!

Our podcast co-hosts meet with a special guest every week to share their stories, truth, and wisdom for aging successfully.

Our monthly newsletter shares helpful advice while keeping you up-to-date on our news, member events, and more.

Not sure which provider to choose for specialized services? Or even everyday services? Here are our recommendations.

Navigate the challenges and celebrate the joys of aging by meeting with a Caregiver Coach in your faith community.

The GIFT™ Workshop

Learn how to navigate the unexpected parts of life with The GIFT™. All sessions are free for VillagesOKC members.

VillagesOKC Blog

Keep up with everything in the VillagesOKC community by reading our Executive Director’s weekly blog posts.

Healthcare Forms Workshop

Plan for your future health needs during our Healthcare Forms Workshop. It’s free for members of VillagesOKC.