Steve McMaster

Caregiver Ambassador

VillagesOKC Staff
Meet Steve

After graduating from Oklahoma State University in 1983, Steve McMaster began his career as a test engineer with Western Electric. Through all the company name changes, he retired from Alcatel-Lucent in 2012 with 29 years of service, moving into a new phase with the FAA as a senior engineer leading a software development group. He retired from the FAA in January 2022.

Steve has been very active in his church, Council Road Baptist Church, for nearly 35 years. In the very early days of the VillagesOKC, when it was just a concept, he led a committee developing a segment in the early architecture of VillagesOKC. This involvement evolved into a leadership role in a program called Caregiver Coaches, a VillagesOKC program designed to recruit and equip coaches with resources available to caregivers.

Steve is an avid hunter and loves to fish as well. He enjoys fast cars and is a big fan of NHRA drag racing.

To contact Steve, email him at [email protected].