Empowering Independence

Season One

Episode 14:
Creating a Pet Rescue, Rescued Me

Episode 14

Episode 13:
Navigating Medicare

Episode 13

Episode 12:
Tales of a Professional Guardian

Episode 12

Episode 11:
Hitting a Nerve

Episode 11

Episode 10:
Mature Moves

Episode 10

Episode 9:
Listener Aging Q&A

Episode 9

Episode 8:
You Can Be Independent with Low Vision while Aging

Episode 7:
Getting Your Affairs in Order

Episode 7

Episode 6:
Handling Multiple Life Changes in the Same Season

Episode 6

Episode 5:
Listener Aging Q&A

Episode 5

Episode 4:
Aging Unbound

Episode 4

Episode 3:
Wellness and Longevity for Optimal Health Span

Episode 3

Episode 2:
How to Beat the Latest Scams

Episode 2

Episode 1:
From a Small Town to the Oklahoma Governor’s Office

Episode 1

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